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  • The remarkable trek in Nepal was a success!!

  • we couldnt have done it without our sponsors

  • Dragon Image, Blackmagic Cameras, Mono Cases, Audio Technica, QSC, AT Professional audio systems, Organic Formulations, InReach, Delorme & Vase Amplifiers

  • Taking my music to the Annapurna Circuit was a lifetime ambition of mine

  • I believe when we open to engaging this power, I call our light, it is magnified and reflected out into the world in quantum degrees by inspiring other to do the same; out living our time on Earth


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  • A Beautiful Noise

    Quick Facts

    Project Name: It's All A Beautiful Noise

    Liner Notes

    All songs Written & Produced by Mix La Vage and Toni Childs
    For the exception of Celebrate - Produced by Joby, Mix & Toni and Ascent Brian Eno, Daniel Len
    Featuring: Toni Childs - Vocals, Christian O'Donnell - Guitar & Backing Vocals, Maurice Cergioni - Bass, Cye Wood - Strings, Mik La Vage - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Other Instrumentation & Programming, Cosmo Cosmolino - Judy Gunson on accordion, Sue Simpson and Andrea Keeble on violin, Helen Mountfort on cello, Dan Witton on contrabass, Drums - Jake Donelly & Joby Baker, Voices - Mel, Sue & Kerry (The Secret 3 accapella group), Cacey-Jane Blackburn, and Joby Baker.
    Recorded at: Earth Monkey Studios - Myocum Australia, Ivory-Chambers Studios - Novato California, Determinator Island Studios - Kauai Hawaii
    All Rights Reserved © 2014 Big MotHer Records, LLC.


    It's All a Beautiful Noise is an album of new music and a traveling contemporary art experience. Toni's designed a white popup set with a forest with a very cool campfire to share stories, ideas and the songs from the album in a 90 minute performance. Toni has teamed up with Tigrelab a visual creative team in Barcelona.
    Our theme: We are all pollinators! What we buy we grow! The evening honors the littlest angels that keep our world alive and thriving.
    to find out more go to:
    "This production is exciting on so many levels: It is not only allowing me to making some beautiful soaring music with my husband, I am getting to explore working with new materials and visual technologies. And most important it is allowing me to work with six environmental organizations in innovative ways." - Childs

    Citizens of the Planet

    Quick Facts

    Project Name: Citizens of the Planet

    Liner Notes

    Produced by Joby Baker at Baker Studios - Victoria BC, Canada
    Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering - Portland Maine, USA
    Toni Childs - Vocals, Joby Baker - Drums, Bass, Guitar & Keys, Adam Dobres - Lead Guitar, Kevin Fox - Cello, Chris Van Sickle - Piano and Organ, Mik La Vage Guitar, Structured Noise & FX, Bear Erickson - Guitar, Special Guest 'Manose' - Tibetan Chant on 'A Time to Live'.
    Citizens of the Planet ® 2014 Big MotHer Records, LLC.


    100% Crowd-Funded thus far, Citizens of the Planet is an awe inspiring musical and visual experience that illuminates our personal struggles and potentials. This immersive traveling contemporary arts' experience starts in the foyer with a life size floating elephant tethered by microfilament netting. On its side is projected the word 'evolution'. Click the link below to learn more...!!
    And hanging from the microfilament are giant digital price tags that name some of the things that are inhibiting our ability to evolve as a planet. Our Citizens of the Planet App gives theatre-goers a chance to add their personal thoughts and ideas to the digital price tags as well as the eleven additional interactive installations in our Gallery of Everyday Objects, which extrudes out a simple object we use everyday - breaking down the resource chain by tracing the raw material, economic impact, and political landscape across the globe to our home.
    Toni brings together the disciplines of music, film, 3D mapping, animation, set design and interactive components. Five talking points are embedded into the framework of the Citizens of the Planet live experience


    Quick Facts

    Project Name: zeropoint

    Liner Notes

    Produced by Toni Childs & mix La Vage. Featuring Toni Childs - Voice, Petros Kyriakou - Vocals, Oculus Trio - Strings
    Recorded at La Vage Studios Melbourne, Ivory-Chambers Studio, Novato California


    zeropoint. is the name of a seven CD series that is connected to seven separate museum/public mindfulness installations that Toni's designed to provide cosmopolitan cities with a physical space to practice. Thereby, promoting inner and outer peace through mindfulness practices.
    spirit . jingshen
    wood . kunnatta (knowledge)
    air . voz
    metal . bihotz (heart)
    fire . solar
    water . pratunam (watergate)
    earth . kula a'moo
    We have just completed the first in the series - jingshen (spirit).
    "I have struggled to find body work and meditation music that I can connect with, so I felt compelled to record what I am calling mindfulness soundscapes. While on tour I found myself actively looking to add more mindfulness activities into my routine, and found a massive gap. There is a great need for a-religious mindfulness spaces in cities throughout the world. My point of view is that combining various religious cultures into each space we can honor the elements of beauty alive in each culture."


    Quick Facts

    Project Name: TONI CHILDS

    Liner Notes

    am a human being, a woman, a singer, a song writer, a story teller, a self healer, a dreamer, a believer, a seeker, a lover, a visionary, a beauty, a crier, a shouter, a love pusher, a hallelujah pie maker, a dancer, a flyer, a swimmer with dolphins, a jumper for joy, a heart you can climb into, a freedom fighter, a lightening diver, a tree house liver, a farmer, a cultivator, a thumper, a guitar player, a cook, a chef, a streamer, a dolphin, a tree, a star, and a bee, a laugh and a giggle, a dog and a wiggle, a joke and a smoke, a drink and blink, a run and a walk, a choke and a sweet talk. I will meet you and greet you, I will hug you and tug you, I will love you and plug you, I will see you and lead you, I will give large and live large, I will care and I will stare down an issue, I will fight for the love of the planet, I will fight for my love of you, I will send signals of freedom, I shoot arrows of desire, I yell when I'm really mad, and I cry when I am confused, I laugh when I'm not trusted and jump when I'm told not to. I see possibility when others don't, I take risks and not for kicks, I live my dream, and I run to meet what's possible. I am not smart and I am not dumb, I am learning to be me, and learning how to be. I'm learning how to love gently and how to say it all out loud. I am learning how to walk on the earth softly, and how to play with others thoughtfully, I like to inspire myself and others, I believe in humanity, I believe that an indescribable essence has a lot of names that people people fight over, I believe in all the different names, I like life and all its complications, I believe I create my own reality and I hope that one day I will master this one and then say good-bye. I like being a good person who sometimes makes bad decisions. I like trusting in people, and feeling the love and warmth of others, I like being challenged and I love being trusted. I believe I am worthy, I believe I am honorable, I believe I am deserving of a wonderful life, I believe it is possible to forgive everyone no matter what, I believe I create my reality with you and everyone else in this experience. I believe this is an experience and not really real except for the loving part. I believe I come from another planet, a place I forgot but remember on special occasions... I'm in love with a beautiful man who loves me in return. My relationship with him feels special to me: clear and clean, and uncomplicated, and a part of me doesn't know what to do with that. I can be prickly and sour and low for some unknown reason, and the next day feel right again. Not often. but enough to feel like making a weather report. I have lots of animals and I love how each one of them are so different. I live on a piece of land that I talk to and it talks to me back. Her name Adriam Kula a'mo'o, I have learn a lot from her about the elements and that nature is here for us... Yes, I'm a little kooky and different. I never fit and probably never will but some how there seems to be a longing too. I still want to play like a two year old sometimes and dance like teenager. I like yoga and horse back riding and being silly and laughing a lot - a hard hurting laugh. I like loud friends, friends who don't judge me, friends who are okay if I don't call them for a while, friends who like my bigness and are okay when I get small and vulnerable. Which is always these days. I feel like I've been shedding my skin my whole life, and now I am being turned inside out and I've learned to surrender to it.... this is my chance to say everyting... I've been hurt, I've been crushed, I've been raped, I've been hated, I've been sold, I've been used, I've been judged, I've been loved, I've been forgiven, I've been yelled at, I've been held, I've been hit, I've been sung to sweetly, I've been railed at and pushed to do better, I've been laughed at, I've been labeled, I've been raised up, I've been helped, I've been given chances to do what I want, I've been believed in, I've been taken to the cleaners, I've been tracked down, I've been kissed, I've been hugged, I've been operated on, I've judged, I've forgiven, I've hurt someone, I've yelled, I've hit, I've given chances even to myself. I held myself in prison and didn't know it, I've opened the cage and didn't leave, I realize it's now or never...


    All in all, my life has been a bitter sweet experience filled with incredible people to love and care for, to be mad at and a victim of, I've had great opposition which has given me the gift of growth and understanding. I've learned the greatest power can come in a soft expression, and I believe everything and anything is possible... Dreams do come true, and I am living proof that it is true!

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  • Rebuild Nepal Number of tracks : 10

    Name: Rebuild Nepal


    Release Date: 2016/07/27


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    Join us October 29th at the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens in Mullumbimby, NSW for our annual Rebuild Nepal Benefit Concert. April 10th of last year, my band and I embarked on an amazing music trek in Nepal where we debuted my new album, It’s All a Beautiful Noise on Annapurna’s Poon Hill. As you can probably imagine, this global first event at 10,000ft was beyond epic, and will remain etched in our memory as a monumental moment in time for each and every one of us who were a part of it.

    We trekked a total of 11 days (April 10 to the 20th) on a small portion of the entire Annapurna Circuit. 52 people made up our trekking party: two guides and 25 porters carried almost all our gear up and down the mountain range: generators, electric guitars, keyboards, amps, and so much more.

    Leaving Nepal on a high note, it would turn out we left 36 hours before the first of two devastating earthquakes would hit, leaving us all gutted with concern and bittersweet feelings for our trip and the Nepal Crew we left behind. It took us quite a few days to hear news from our beautiful Nepalese trekking friends. Hari at Life Dream Adventured who organized our trek was the first to make contact, and then our guides Sabin and Ob. We were told that most of our porters were accounted for, and waited patiently to hear what had happened to the ones who lived near the epicenter. We kept our fingers and toes crossed. In the end, everyone one of our Nepal crew we’ve heard from lost their home, place of business, and villages, but happily they survived and their families are safe.

    We were in Bali talking with our friends Naren and Sono King and about to go on stage when we heard the news about a massive earthquake that hit Nepal. Instantly I asked Naren and Sono if we could give a benefit concert at the Crystal Castle in front of the Peace Stupa in their stunning Shambhala Gardens. Happily, they said yes.

    On our return to Australia a group of us came together and a little over a month later, we produced a massively successful Rebuild Nepal Benefit Concert in collaboration with the Crystal Castle and Shambala Gardens, the Byron Bay Community Radio Station – Bayfm in conjunction with CRN Community Radio Network across Australia, Biggs Sound, Renae Saxby Photography, and Oz Tix.

    Our Rebuild Nepal Benefit Concert raised $50,000 on the night, and more on the

    Rebuild Nepal Special Gratitude Edition Photo Book, CD/DVD

    Inspiration struck to produce a book for the next fundraising faze after seeing the fantastic photos taken by Kurt Petersen Photography and Tahnee Woolf of our Rebuild Nepal Concert. The book feature photos from several photographers from both the Rebuild Nepal Benefit Concert, and our Annapurna Music Trek. In addition, a CD & DVD of the concert is inserted into the inside front and back panel of the book.Also included in the book is a CD (Featuring highlights from the Rebuild Nepal two hour Broadcast), and a DVD that features footage from our music trek, our Rebuild Nepal Benefit Concert at the Crystal Castle, and footage from our return trip to Nepal making it a very special remembrance for the people who donate $55 or more. Postage to be added at time of shipment. This is a great value!

    Click to pre-purchase your own book now 

    I want to acknowledge the following individuals who stepped up to underwriter the printing our photo book. William Shannon, Rob Stoneham, M J Wilshier, Giada, Lyndal Thorne, Melinda , Janine and Phil, Gernot Schultes, Paul Hickson, Dig Bortolin, Shai Walters, Garry Chapman, Michelle Lamy, Denise Hope, Leonie Lovell, Amanda Power-Hall, Fiona Maclean, Rob Yeatman, Cheryl, Deb Cook, Geoff Cooper, Michael  Hodgkinson, April Williams, Garth Zabell, Tellmwastory314, Trudy Vains, Connie Watts, Sunil Sapkota, Lynn Pantle, Margaret Rowe, Liz Gray, Karen Lindsay, Kavisha Mazzella, Sandy Leatham, Zane Alexander, Carol Gazzard, Mary Baseler, Tracie Story, Karin McLennen, Alberto and Naren King.

    Thank you for making it possible to print 2000 books!!

    On behalf of the people of Nepal we would like to thank you for your donation. Your generosity, kindness and love will go a long way to help rebuild the lives of those who have been affected by this devastating earthquake.

    Please be sure and share Rebuild Nepal with your networks and help us do what we can for the people of Nepal.

    peace, love and deep gratitude,

    Toni Childs


    1. WHY DO ANGELS 00:01:16

    2. I WANNA LOVE YOU 00:02:20

    3. TIME DREAMER 00:02:53

    4. NOT ALONE 00:02:42

    5. FRAGILE 00:02:13

    6. THE LIFE WE LEAD 00:02:55

    7. MAGDALENE 00:02:51

    8. STARDUST 00:02:15

    9. HOPING 00:02:10

    10. CELEBRATE 00:05:34

  • Sea Shepherd Number of tracks : 1

    Name: Sea Shepherd


    Release Date: 2015/03/27


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    Toni is preparing for a world-first underwater concert her guests will include whales and dolphins, with Toni hoping to ultimately to sing to the fabled white whale Migaloo. Toni wants to use her underwater concert to shine a light on the important work Sea Shepherd are doing to protect whales and dolphins!

    Join Toni evening of Wednesday 21st September, Toni will be hosting an evening Soirée at the Mantra Hotel in Hervey Bay in association with Sea Shepherd. Captain Peter Hammarstedt from Sea Shepherd will speak and Toni and special guests will perform at this event, with all funds raised going back into research and support for The Sea Shepherd.  

    Toni will sing underwater in a bubble helmet provided by Cairns based SeaWalker with her band performing topside. With the aid of technology developed by Qld underwater specialists NUMA, Toni will be able to sing live with the band and perform her new album in its entirety for our underwater friends. There will be a subsequent concert- for-people-series across Australia that will incorporate this underwater theme from these dives. 


    1. TALK 00:02:12

  • Greening Australia – Reef Aid Number of tracks : 0

    Name: Greening Australia – Reef Aid


    Release Date: 2013/10/29

    Genre: Ocean: Reef Health


    Toni  will celebrate the launch of her new album, “It’s All a Beautiful Noise” by holding a series of futuristic underwater concerts the week of September 18th- 25 in Hervey Bay, and Cairns and Port Douglas (QLD) September 26th to October 2nd later this year. On Oct 1st Toni will host a Greening Australia Gala to raise money for Reef Aid.

    "I have officially joined forces with Greening Australia's Reef Aid Initiative," Toni says. "I am really excited to use my underwater concert in the Great Barrier Reef to shine a light on Greening Australia's Reef Aid Initiative. There is a real solution to repairing the gullies that are dumping sediment onto the reef, and we can stop this now!!

    It is rare there is a real solution to an environmental problem, but in this case there is, how great is that!! Woohoo!! Join me and together we can be part of the solution!" Donate now...

    This month, Greening Australia launched Reef Aid, a program to fund and deliver the restoration of key catchment areas that are feeding sediment, agricultural pollutants and fertilizers into the Reef ecosystem. ‘We will be working with land owners to halt widespread erosion gullies through innovative treatment and restoration of native plant communities, said Greening Australia CEO, Brendan Foran.

    ‘By restoring the banks of rivers and gullies and rebuilding coastal wetlands we can reduce sediment and agricultural pollutants being released into the Reef.

    Toni and Greening Australia are ecstatic to be working together to support "Reef Aid" a major new initiative to restore eroded gullies, rivers and wetlands that currently discharge over 1.4 million tonnes of polluted water onto the reef. Many people are not aware that what happens on land impacts on the reef, and this is fantastic opportunity to restore degraded land, create new native habitat for native birds and animals and improve the health of the Reef. Greening Australia launched Reef Aid this month with the support of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Australia. 


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Come to either Hervey Bay or Cairns to witness our incredible underwater concerts. Join the retreats attached to these events and get some personal time with Toni to reinvogorate yourself and reboot your life!! Come along and witness something truly spectacular.

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